Starting a Mt Pleasant Catering Business

Certainly, everyone loves to be invited to a Mount Pleasant, South Carolina party. What’s not to like with all the company, the free food and drinks? Well, how about loving parties enough to actually throw them everyday – for a living? No, we are not talking about playing host and inviting your friends everyday and to quickly run yourself into the poor house. We’re talking about starting a catering services business that will help people throw their parties. If you have all the right skills – great knowledge of food and cooking, a good grasp of how to run a business and manage employees, great communication skills as you talk to your Mt Pleasant clients and so on, you really could do very well for yourself. Here’s how to start a catering business.

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The catering industry is a huge and potentially very profitable one. If you’re looking for actual statistics, it’s a $9 billion-a-year industry where popular and well-loved caterers can personally earn a quarter million dollars a year. Even smalltime caterers working part-time in small or medium sized towns like Mount Pleasant, SC that don’t have all that many parties, can easily pull in $40,000 a year.

Of course, you’re telling yourself that while that’s all well and good, you can’t see yourself learning how to start a catering business because you don’t have what it takes to establish a business in Charleston County – you don’t have the capital.

That’s the best part – it doesn’t take that much money setting yourself up on a small scale to cater to small parties. The pots and pans and the other equipment that you need can easily be rented. And if you feel that you can’t do the job in your own kitchen without upgrades for thousands of dollars, you could easily rent a commercial kitchen by the hour. Every medium-sized town has one, as does Mount Pleasant and Charleston, SC.

The great thing about renting a commercial kitchen or renting a restaurant kitchen is that the space is already food inspector-certified. You can put down on your card that your food is prepared in a kitchen that’s certified by food inspectors.

The best way to start a new Mt Pleasant business is to start small. If you have no experience in this kind of thing, you don’t want to make any large-scale mistakes. These kinds of things always happen when you try a complicated new thing for the first time. Be sure to start very small – doing private parties and so on. You don’t want to taint your good business name with any large-scale mistakes.

Once you really learn the ropes and get everything down properly, you can go and start doing things on a large scale. In fact, before you can start doing small jobs, it would be good idea to work at a catering firm to see how it’s done.

You really need to learn how to start a Mount Pleasant catering business. It’s not a simple thing. It isn’t enough just to learn the cooking skills involved. You need to be able to handle people, knows what exactly they mean when they ask for something, learn to ask the right kinds questions and you need to learn to protect your interests. Start slow and get it right the first time.

Author: trevor

Sharing information on how to thrive as a small business in the Mt Pleasant, Charleston and Columbia, SC metro areas.