Urologist and Men’s Sexual Health

It seems that I can’t listen to the radio while driving around Mount Pleasant lately without hearing the advertisement from Charleston Men’s Clinic. This is the advertisement about dropping by, spending $199, and walking away completely ready for intimacy. Since 40% of men over the age of 40 experience sexual performance issues and 70% for men over 65 have issues, there is certainly a ready market for this industry. You can ask your MUSC urologist for current statistics.

Also, I am bombarded during the evening by many TV advertisements lately for erectile dysfunction remedies. Though I know this is not humorous to those affected, but the advertisements can be a bit silly. Take it from me that seeing one of these ads without warning following a laundry detergent ad can be a bit unnerving, thus good grounds for a laugh. I know there is a big market for this type of product, and I know these things make life easier for many men, but I am not so sure these men are watching TV when soap operas are on (yes, that is the time slot for some of these ads).

Many of the erectile dysfunction remedies that are on the market today are the result of a mistake. These medications were being tested for something else when an unusual side effect was noticed. Viagra, if I remember correctly, was one of the first sexual function remedies on the market. I believe this medication was first tested as a medication to help with heart health. During the medical trials, the new and now common use for this medication was found.

Since Viagra has hit the market, other men’s sexual health remedies have come out as well. You may have seen the ads on television, or perhaps you have seen them in print magazines. I guess there is no smooth way to advertise erectile dysfunction remedies, so you can expect a little humor when viewing or reading the advertisements. Though this is something not all men have to deal with, it is something that many will have to face at least once in their lifetime. These remedies have come a long way in recent years, and many men are enjoying greater intimacy within their marriages because of it.

If you are looking into sexual health remedies, you should have a talk with your doctor before you try anything. Though there are many illegal ways to get Viagra, it is not safe for you to do so when you are not under a urologist’s care. The same can be said for the other similar remedies you can find on the market today. Your urology physician will consider your special health issues when deciding what medication will work best for you. There may be some cases were you cannot take medication for erectile dysfunction because it may be harmful to your health. Even though this may not be the news you want to hear, is in your best interest to pass if your urologist advises you to do so.